Mobile Web Design


Does your website have a mini me?

If you own a IPhone, IPad or a Droid device, please pull up your current website now and see how it looks. Warning: Your web site may not be mobile friendly.

Your website was most likely designed for the desktop user. Your Desktop screen size is large and not all resolutions may fit on on your mobile device. If you try this, you will most likely need to “zoom in with your finger tips. Try reading the fonts? And clicking links? (Especially from drop down menu) is extremely difficult.

The fact is that when users access the Internet with iPhones Droids, or other mobile devices, their viewing experience needs are different than the average desktop users. Mobile website viewing is growing exponentially. More importantly, if you’re content is not visually appealing – The potential customers visiting your website via such devices may leave you at a disadvantage. Thats's not a good first impression to leave for your new clients.




Design for Mobile

The Boca Web Agency will customize your new or current website, to fit all your mobile needs. Below are a few things we would start adjusting on your website:

• Use a basic column layout.

• Use less graphics for load time.

• Use a simple navigation, so there is more space.

• Use company phone number on top of home page.

Mobile Features

• User Friendly

• Fast Navigation

• Able to Sell you're Products Easier and Faster.

• Works on All Mobile and Tablet Devices.

• No Monthly Fees


If you have a current website or need a new web design. We can make it happen.



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